About NEBB

Established in 1971, NEBB is the premier international certification association for firms and individuals that deliver high performance building systems.

Building owners and tenants are concerned about the cost-effective performance of the environmental systems within their respective buildings. This “green” goal can be best accomplished by having a building’s environmental system properly tested, balanced and/or commissioned by a NEBB Certified Professional. NEBB’s function is to establish, promote and maintain high quality standards.

NEBB offers two types of certification: firm and individual. Individual certification offers two levels: Certified Professional and/or Certified Technician.

There are more than 700 NEBB Certified Firms worldwide and over 1,000 NEBB Certified Professionals and Certified Technicians. These firms and their personnel are recognized as highly skilled specialists who can measure the efficiency of building systems and provide customized solutions for business owners. NEBB certification is tangible proof of their qualification to perform their work in accordance with NEBB Procedural Standards. 

NEBB delivers through certifications, procedural standardsSpecificationsseminarspublications and through the NEBB Quality Assurance Program. For complete information, visit nebb.org.