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Pacific Northwest NEBB Chapter

The Pacific Northwest NEBB Chapter (PNEBB) is a local chapter of NEBB that serves NEBB Certified Firms and NEBB Certified Individuals (Certified Professionals and Certified Technicians) located in Alaska, Idaho Oregon and Washington.

NEBB, and its chapters, exist to help architects, engineers, building owners and contractors construct quality buildings with HVAC systems that perform in ways they have been visualized and designed.

NEBB offers two types of certification programs: Firm certification and Individual certification. Both certification categories are considered the most rigorous in the industry and achieving NEBB certification is tangible proof of the adherence to procedural standards, guidelines, training, and examinations. PNEBB’s mission is to establish, promote, and maintain high quality standards through the certification of firms and individuals.

Each discipline is anchored by a NEBB Procedural Standard that provides guidelines for work to be performed. NEBB has also created technical manuals, training materials and seminars to enhance and support each discipline. NEBB’s individual certification programs are rigorous and exacting, ensuring individual professionals uphold the highest standards of care.

PNEBB’s principal duties include:

  • Abide by the provisions established in the latest edition of the Operational Guide for Chapters as published by the National Environmental Balancing Bureau
  • Establish and provide educational programs to ensure the highest quality standards are met by NEBB Certified Individuals and NEBB Certified Firms
  • Verify that companies applying for NEBB Firm certification meet the certification requirements established by NEBB and monitor currently certified firms continue to meet the NEBB standards by going through a recertification process every two years
  • Promote NEBB Individual Certification Programs
  • Maintain the quality standards established by NEBB
  • Implement local action as required under the NEBB Quality Assurance Program (QAP)

NEBB Certified Firms Provide

  • Testing, Adjusting and Balancing (TAB)
  • Building Systems Commissioning
  • Retro-Commissioning for Existing Buildings
  • Sound Measurement and Vibration Measurement
  • Building Enclosure Testing
  • Fume Hoods Testing
  • Cleanroom Performance Testing